Sarah Palin abused power

So let me get this straight: Sarah Palin could have legally just fired her former brother-in-law (who was involved in a messy custody dispute with Palin’s sister) “at will, for almost any reason or no reason at all,” a report on the Alaska governor’s Troopergate scandal found.

But instead she let her husband use the governor’s office and resources to pressure Sarah Palin’s subordinates to get the ex brother-in-law fired.

The way I see it: She’s not only unethical; she’s stupid.

As a human being, I understand her urge to protect or even avenge her sister. I’d feel similarly if my brother-in-law hurt my sister. (Hear that, Vinnie.) But what separates the average person like me from the Tony Sopranos of the worlds is we don’t act on that feeling. We might think about it, fantasize about it, but we don’t do it. Because it is wrong.

I find we Americans discover that many politicians abuse their power or lack ethics. Usually, we don’t find that out until after we’ve elected them. Should we really elect someone who in such a short time in power has made such a poor choice?

Ethics isn’t one of those things I think a new politician can learn or grow into. You either have it or you don’t.


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin abused power”

  1. I didn’t think it quite said that, but I could be wrong. I thought the report said she could fire the police commissioner at any time, which she did, not the brother-in-law, who’s actually protected by the police union in the state. I would have done something also, but I don’t think I’d have fired the commissioner. Instead, I’d have at least brought up an ethics complaint against the ex-husband; that is, if he was really doing what she and her husband said he was doing. If that investigation had proven it, he’d have then lost his job and no one would have been able to complain about anything. But I’m with you, the way she handled this whole thing was unethical.

  2. bloggingmom67 Says:

    You’re right – she had the power to fire her brother-in-law’s boss. Good distinction. Thanks for pointing it out.

    And thanks for sharing.

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