Why I’m voting for Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Before the primary, I was supporting Hillary Clinton. I just like her. I think she’s smart; I think she has the mettle to be president; and her views on many issues mirror my own. But she didn’t make it to the nomination, so I turned my thought to Obama.

Honestly, at first I didn’t know much about him and worried that he didn’t have the experience to be president. I still wish he had more experience under his belt, but I’ve really grown to support him. I will vote for him, and her is why:

  • He cares about the middle class: He proposes tax breaks for all but those who make $250,000 or more. That’s me, and most people I know. And I could use a tax break, and so could many Americans. I don’t believe that giving tax breaks to the rich will help the poor. And the swath between rich and poor is getting ever wider in this country. I don’t know that he can change that, but I know he’ll try. And I don’t believe for a minute his tax plan will hurt small businesses. I think it may hurt big businesses, but I think the little guy — and gal — needs the support he’s proposing.
  • He cares about the uninsured and underinsured: I think he sees that our health care system is in crisis. Children, babies, older people, employed workers — so many of them lack insurance or have to pay high prices for insurance. I’m not sure his health care proposal is perfect, but he seems to realize the problem really is at a crisis point and something must be done. That’s a start, in my mind.
  • He wants to end the war: I was never a fan of this war, and I feel it has waged too long. I think it will take real political will to finish our job and leave. I think he’ll move toward that will some speed.
  • His running mate could take over if he died: I realize that sounds macabre, but it’s something we all need to consider when we vote. Sen. Joe Biden is more than qualified to be president, I think. Sarah Palin’s qualifications pale in comparison.  Palin as president scares me even more than John McCain as president scares me. I feel we’d be in good hands with Biden if, God forbid, something happened.
  • He seems calm in a crisis: My impression of him at the debates and from news reports is he’s completely unflappable. I admire that because I’m not really like that. Sure, I can handle pressures up to a point, but then it really starts to get to me. Obama is the type of person I’d want to be deciding key decisions like whether to attack another country or how to handle a conflict or whether to use those nuclear codes. McCain, on the other hand, seems easily agitated. I can relate to that as a person, but I’m not sure it’s the temperment for a president.
  • It’s the economy, stupid: I truly believe that our economy wouldn’t be in the toilet if a Republican president hadn’t ruled the country for the past 8 years. I may be wrong. I’m not economist. But I don’t think President Bush’s policies helped. In fact, I think his lack of regulation led to the recent Wall Street mess. My hope is Obama could attempt to turn this dire situation around.
  • He cares about young children: During the first presidential debate, McCain said he’d solve the economic crisis but cutting off federal funds to all programs except the war, veterans and a few others that he didn’t specify. Obama countered that McCain’s plan was using a sledgehammer when you need a scalpel. He specifically mentioned that he supports funding for early education. I agree with Obama. We can’t afford to cut off social programs because of this mess. That will just mean that people on the edge will fall off a cliff. And many of those people are families with children, so children need more support today than ever.

See you on Election Day.


5 Responses to “Why I’m voting for Barack Obama”

  1. Obama’s your guy!

    (Video of Obama at http://www.americaatwordpress.wordpress.com)

  2. The tax argument doesn’t hold water. He is going to raise other taxes (payroll, etc.) in order to fund his programs. How else do you think he is going to give welfare checks to the 40% of Americans who do not pay federal income tax?

  3. bloggingmom67 Says:

    Well, Black Coffee & Bourbon,

    I’ve got to differ with you there.

    Obama may raise other taxes that impact the average person less, but at least the middle class — not the rich — gets the break.

  4. We are not going to get a break. The people who are going to be the beneficiars of “spreading the wealth” are those who do not pay taxes. They will get a “rebate” (welfare) check from those funds collected from the rich.

    As for how else the middle class will have its pockets picked, once Obama taxes the “evil corporations” more they will pass it onto the consumers in the form or higher prices.

    When both the unhidden and hidden taxes are observed the middle class will be paying more, not less in taxes under an Obama administration.

  5. bloggingmom67 Says:

    I guess we agree to disagree.

    I’m in favor of what you call “welfare checks” because I do believe social programs that help the poor end up helping us all by giving the poor tools to be more productive members of society.

    And, yes, “evil corporations” may raise prices if they don’t get a tax break.

    But did Bush’s economic plan work? He gave breaks to the wealthy in hopes they would feed to economy and the middle class would fare better.

    Call me crazy by our whole economic system at near collapse doesn’t seem evidence that that strategy worked. Since the rich got all the breaks before, how is that we had to bail them out?

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