I think Barack Obama will win, but I’m worried he won’t

As the election nears, I’m starting to feel a bit panicky. What if Obama doesn’t win?

Seriously, it makes me feel a bit anxious. I don’t think I can go through four more years with this mess the Republicans have made with our country.  I just don’t think our country can continue on in this route.

So I’m worried. I’m one of those people who believe Al Gore was robbed and that he really was the true winner in the race against George Bush. I remember feeling so down when I found out the court had ruled Bush the winner. That feeling will be worse if Obama loses.

I read the polls a lot, and Obama is still ahead, by various percentage points, depending on the poll. But I worry because I truly believe there are many racist people in our nation, and that makes me concerned that when push comes to shove, they won’t pull the lever for a black man.

I think Obama faces a tough job if elected. He needs to dig us out of economic disaster. He needs to restablize the economy. He needs to convince the world that we aren’t the imperialistic, egotistical, self-absorbed spoiled brats that many outside the United States think we are. He needs to end the war. He needs to bring the troops home.

I believe he can do it. I just worry he won’t get the chance.


7 Responses to “I think Barack Obama will win, but I’m worried he won’t”

  1. You do know that Obama has NO INTENTION of bringing the troops home, don;t you? He plans on redeploying them to Afghanistan and Pakistan, not bringing them home.

    Don;t believe me; go online and look it up instead. Obama has NEVER said he wanted to bring ou troops home.

  2. Here’s my theory: Racists are often sexist as well. The racists can justify a vote for Obama by declaring him half white, but there is no way they are going to elect a woman to the presidency. And I think most folks realize that, given McCain’s health, they just might be voting for Palin as president when they cast a vote for McCain. So I’m betting that the hard-core sexism within the racists will work in Obama’s favor.

  3. Do you really believe all that? Seriously?

    Since the Democrats took control of congress in 2006 the economy has tanked because the markets are a reflection of their view of the future. With higher taxes, especially on capital gains, the markets have retrenched because people are scared.

    William Jefferson Clinton signed into law a bill that passed the Senate on a unanimous vote that created the atmosphere that enabled the current economic crises.

    Bush has been a feckless leader and the GOP congress was a failure, but Obama is not a savior.

    You should study 1976 and the first months of the Carter administration to understand what awaits Obama.

    He is supremely talented and bright, but you musn’t fool yourself into thinking he can by force of will wave a magic wand and make all our problems disappear. That is only setting yourself up for failure.

  4. bloggingmom67 Says:

    I really don’t believe the economy tanked because the Democrats took control of Congress. I think it tanked because the Bush administration refused to regulate, allowing banks to grant mortgages to people who had no business having a mortgage. I believe unscrupulous and greedy speculators took advantage of the lack of regulation to come up with new ways to make money — including falsifying mortgage documents and selling them at such a rate that heads were spinning.

    Now I agree with you that Obama isn’t a savior. As I pointed out, he faces a lot of problems, as Carter did when he took office. (And I realize Carter, while I think an admirable person, failed miserably.)

    But I do think Obama is the best hope we have at the moment. I don’t think he’ll wave a magic wand, but I think he has the potential to imrove our nation.

  5. The Democrat controlled Congress not only never asked for regulations, but shut down Republican attempts to improve regulation and oversight of the mortgage market.

    Bush never got to do anything.

  6. bloggingmom67 Says:

    Not sure I buy the poor Bush couldn’t do anything line, sorry.

  7. There was little, if anything that Bush could do until the bail-out. Even then he could only advocate for it; he couldn’t control whether it happened or how it was written.

    Any President’s power is really limited to his veto, and even that can be overturned.

    If you want to blame people in the government, look at who was in charge of the panels and committees who were in charge of the financial sector regulation and look at the bills they wrote, passed or buried.

    Note: None of the above should be taken as an assertion that Bush would have been any help.

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