Is Sarah Palin really that hot?

This won’t sound like it, but it’s really a serious question: Is Sarah Palin really all that?

I keep hearing how hot she is.  My husband told me repeatedly how hot she is as we watched the vice presidential debate, but I suspect he was just trying to annoy me. (Mission accomplished, by the way.)

But then today I read a column by Kathleen Parker, of the Orlando Sentinel, where she posits that John McCain picked Palin because he was “smitten.”  She’s cites a 2003 study out of Canada that found pretty women inhibit men’s ability to predict the future.

So McCain meets Palin and finds her so attractive that he doesn’t think about the fact that she is totally unqualified for the office of vice president. What?

Can this really be possible? First, are men really that stupid or vulnerable to their basest instincts? If I were a guy, I’d be insulted to be labeled a person who is so evolutionarily programmed that he can’t use reason to override lust. And, I guess, I just don’t believe it.

Perhaps McCain can’t override his attraction to think about the future, but I do believe many man can. At least I hope so. Besides, if men couldn’t think rationally with a pretty gal around how would our nation — which, let’s face it, is still controlled mainly by men — function. Oh, yes, it’s sort of falling apart. Guess I just debunked my own argument.

Anyway, I just don’t think Palin is that hot. I think she’s attractive, above-average attractive, perhaps. But she’s attractive in a “she could be one of my friends — OK, my hottest friend” kind of way not in a movie-star way.  As a male co-worker put it, she hot in a librarian kind of way?

Good grief. And that’s hot enough to impact the future of our nation? I just don’t get it.


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