So nervous about the election I can hardly stand it

I’m so nervous — and excited — about the elecition that I can hardly stand it.

I’m excited because I really believe Barack Obama will win, and while I believe he will be faced with a slew of problems in his first days of office, I believe he’s the better choice over John McCain.  I’m excited about Obama’s approach to governing, his belief in supporting the middle class and his foresight in realizing that early education and health care are vital to our nation. I’m also excited that the first black many may be elected president in our country. That’s a milestone to be sure.

But I’m worried. Until all the polls close and all the votes are counted and the official results are announced, I won’t be able to rest. The thought of a McPain/Palin administration scares me. I just don’t want to think about that option. Even my Republican husband came to his sense and voted fo Obama.

Nothing to do but worry and wait.


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