Barack Obama is president-elect; let’s support him

OK, this tense and interesting election is over. Barack Obama won.

Let’s now all move on. If you don’t like him, fine, he’ll still be our leader. If you do like him, great, he’ll still be our leader.

I think this election was notable in that it interested people in a way that few elections have in recent years. Voter turnout was up, which is great for Democracy in my mind, no matter who wins. People were engaged. That’s all good. Let’s keep it that way, and let’s stop fighting.

My hope for our country is those who don’t support Obama will give him a chance. OK, he wasn’t your choice, but he’ll be president. Our nation is in trouble. We’re in a recession. Much of the world really hates us. We’re fighting two wars. We’re deeply in debt. We’re using too much of the world’s resources. We’re running out of oil. We need to find alternative, environmentally safe fuels. Global warming is destroying our Earth. Let’s give Obama a fighting chance to heal these wounds.

Can he do it all, of course not. But he can’t do it without the support of his people.

None of us know what an Obama administration will be like. Those who support him may be disappointed, especially if they expect him to fix every problem. He can’t. No one can. Those who are against him may be surprised. He may not be what you thought. You may have been wrong about him and who you thought he is.

Give him a chance to show what he can do. His first news conference was impressive. He’s got something. Give him a chance to show us what that something is.


2 Responses to “Barack Obama is president-elect; let’s support him”

  1. Tell you what I will treat Obama the same way yall treated Bush. No I can’t do that because I believe in our Constitution even though I believe that a lot of people think that it is a dead document. I will however question him ever step of the way. The minute he and the democrats in Congress try to crush freedoms I will be filing a lawsuit against them for treason for example the Fairness Doctrine. Pelosi should already be up on charges of treason with her little stunt against our Military and trying to piss off Turkey. Brillant!

  2. bloggingmom67 Says:

    I say question away. We all should question what Obama does. I will be.

    But a nation divided will fail. We’re all responsible for that.

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