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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – “Hashtags” by Burke Ackal (Multimedia Storytelling Class)

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Hashtags are used on social networks, especially on Twitter. Hashtags occur when a hash precedes a word or phrase or pound sign to identify messages on a specific topic. The reasoning people perform this activity on social networks is to connect with others to see what he or she tweeted that was relevant to theirs.

Jimmy Kimmel did a sketch with Justin Timberlake on how annoying if we use hashtags in everyday conversation and I found it really funny because I find hashtags kind of annoying when used in other situations that does not involve using Twitter, for example, I find it irritating when people use hashtags on Facebook because hashtags are a better fit for Twitter use for connection and interaction. Facebook is more of a personal use.


Miranda Adams (MCJ 300) response: Science of Persuasion

Posted in 1 on November 25, 2013 by bloggingmom67

Is there a science to advertising? Speaking with authority and using propaganda to persuade people proves very effective. Other tricks, like leaving a gift (a mint, fortune cookie, etc.) for customers, is a subtle, yet very productive way to gain tips at restaurants.

This video shows a lot of little-known facts about the way people influence us without us even knowing! What do I think of it? I think it’s helpful to know now, but it kind of makes me unsettled to think that a small, nice gesture from someone may actually be a ploy to get something from me.

Twerking Fail – Sense of Reality

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Twerking Fail – Sense of Reality

As a common user of YouTube and other forms of social networking sites, this video was definitely one of the most intense of them. What was thought to be breaking news and a horrific event of what appears to be a young girl “twerking” and eventually falls into a glass table. After seeing how quick this video went viral and even began taking spots on local and national news broadcast, my sense of reality really was questioned. I’m all for funny videos, however, when the video is intentionally designed by Jimmy Kimmel to trick the minds of its viewers really bothered me.

We all see videos go viral but how often do news outlets broadcast those videos in an attempt to inform viewers on the dangers of perfuming such actions. News and media outlets are there because we as viewers trust their expertise. Now that people are going the extra mile to trick viewers into believing their recordings and other things are true, we’re now faced to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not. In my opinion, the reality of what is real and what is fake has definitely caused me to raise an eyebrow and do more research regarding a story. 

Museum Trips Make the Grades- or not.

Posted in 1 on November 1, 2013 by bloggingmom67

This video is great and it has a lot of truths in it. One of those truths is to not always count on spell check. During the video, they tried to say, “Graduate from College,” but they said, “Graduate from collage.” It was a poor and unfortunate mistake.

The content in the video was great, however. They give a valid point and show how important visiting museums can be.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich charged with corruption

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Dear Illinois Gov.:

Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich


What were you thinking? Duh? I mean really. You’re accused of going on a corruption spree that included attempts to sell or trade the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by President-elect Barack Obama.

OK, what exactly were you thinking? Did you think you were Boss Tweed of the days when Tammany Hall controlled New York City politics with an iron hand (and a lot of corruption)?  Well, you missed that era by nearly 100 years.

I guess I understand greed, but I don’t understand why people who try to sell Senate seats think they won’t get caught. If you did this, I’m glad you were charged, and I hope you’re punished.

Rod — can I call you Rod? — do you see our nation is facing one of its largest challenges? The economy is in shambles. We are in the midst of a prolonged recession that’s likely to get worse before it improves, according to Obama.

And — if what you’re accused of is true — you were worried only about lining your own pockets? Shame on you. Really.

bitchy mommy

Dear New York state: Why spend $21,000 on a rug during a recession?

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Here’s yet another example of stupid governmental decisions that piss me off. Someone in state government made the ill-advised decision to purchase a $21,000 custom-stitched, antique Turkish carpet for the Executive Mansion?

Now, granted, the rug was purchased in July, before all of us fully got that our economy was going down the toilet. But at that point, Gov. David Paterson was already making a round of cuts to the current budget — taking away money that was already promised.

Sure things got worse and worse and worse. (I’d like to hope the purchase wouldn’t be made now, but I can’t say I’m confident of that.)

Also, I’m sure the governor himself knew nothing of the purchase — or at least I hope not. But the thing with being in charge, you get blamed whether it’s your fault or not. (You also get credit for what your underlings do well, so it all evens out.)

Why does this rug thing bug me so much? Because, like the big three automakers swooping in a corporate jets asking for a handout from taxpayers, it belies the message we keep getting from politicians and corporate leaders. Sorry, we can’t fun programs for early education or schools because we don’t have the cash. Hey, we need money to keep our business afloat but we’re not willing to drop our standard of living one bit in the meantime. (Yes, I realize the big three changed their tune eventually but only after being publicly flogged.)

But we can go buy a rug that’s more expensive than me, you or most people we know would ever be able to spend. (And, yes, I get that in the state’s massive budget $21,000 is like a couple hundred bucks in mine.)

Since the economy got bumpy, my husband and I have really cut our spending. (I know that adds to the economic malaise, but we’re worried we might not have secure jobs.) We’ve stopped eating out, except very infrequently. I’ve cut back on buying coffee; I fired the cleaning lady and started dyeing my own hair. These are all small “nickel-and-dime” type of savings.

But the thing is: True savings comes from these nickel-and-dime savings. Sure, I could save lots of money if I stopped paying my biggest bill — my mortgage, but I’d also be out on the street. So the only way most people can really trim their own costs is by doing a lot of little things that add up. Somehow government doesn’t seem to get this, or at least it seems that way. Instead, they try to cut big chunks out of the budget, but that doesn’t work. The state still needs to function even as it trims costs.

Here’s my message for the state (and federal) government: Take a cue from the Kit Kittredge movie, a film based on an American Girl doll character that is set during the Great Depression: Use it up; wear it out; do without. That’s what I’m trying to do.

bitchy mommy

Big three automakers want bigger bailout

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Dear Big Three automakers:

I’m not sure what to think. First I was mad at you; then happy; then mad again.

It angered me when you swooped in on your corporate jets and ask for a $25 billion bailout of taxpayers’ money. You came with no plan on how this bailout will help your industry prevent itself from falling into this financial mess again. And you just looked greedy, as you stayed mum when an elected official asked if you’d be willing to give up your corporate jets.

To me, you acted as if the government were good ol’ mom and dad.

Big three: “Hey, I need some money?”

Congress: “What for?”

Big three: “Stuff.”

Except, the money isn’t your parents’ money. It’s money that belongs to taxpayers like me, and OK, like you. These taxpayers are facing the same recession as you that got you into a “cash-flow” problem. In fact, many of them probably have their own “cash-flow” problems.

So Congress wisely sends you back, empty-handed. Come up with a plan, you’re told. And stop acting so arrogant.

You come back to Congress. And you’ve made some progress. Ford and GM’s CEOs agree to get just $1 pay for next year if a government loan comes through. (Chrysler’s CEO is apparently only paid a $1 already.) Ford and GM agree to sell their corporate jets. They’d all cut salaries for executives.

But then you come back to Congress and ask for more money.  You say $25 billion isn’t enough; now you need $34 billion.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand that you need nearly $10 billion more, and it has only been about two weeks since last visit to Congress. Is that your final answer?

Yes, I get that it’s a bad thing for our economy and all your workers if you three companies go bankrupt. But do you also get that this bailout is on the back of folks who have been laid off, who aren’t getting bonuses (or never did), who aren’t getting raises this year (or ever did). Do you realize some of the taxpayers paying for this largesse can’t even stay home from work one day for illness for fear they’ll get fired.

That’s it. You can go now. I really don’t want to look at you right now.

bitchy mommy

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