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One benefit of recession: Great deals at the mall

Posted in Family with tags , , , on October 18, 2008 by bloggingmom67

One thing about me, I love a bargain. I’m not super great at shopping — I like to buy more than I like to chase a deal. But I love when a deal just lands in my lap, like today.

I won a $25 gift certificate in a contest at work, so I headed to the mall tonight. The hubby took care of the kids, bless him, so I could shop uninterrupted.

I headed to J.Jill — my favorite store — first and found an absolutely beautiful sweater. It started at $59, was marked down to $34.99, and then it was 25 percent off that. I ended up, with tax, paying just $2 and change over the gift certificate. Who-hoo!

I swore I wasn’t going to kid shop on my night of freedom, but the 50-percent-off sale at Children’s Place pulled me like the undertow in the ocean. I ended up with two Rugby-style shirts for my son. They started out at $16.50 each, were marked down to $11.99, and then I had my trusty 15 percent off coupon. Final bill: $10 and change for two heavy winter shirts he really needs. (He’s outgrown or worn out almost the rest of his winter shirts.)

All this got Bitchy Mommy, who was feeling pretty bitchy today, in a much better mood.

I know the recession is bad overall, but I’m glad if we have to go through, at least I can get bargain

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