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I think I’m going to like Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Obviously, I don’t know Michelle Obama, and I never will. But from what I read and see of her in the media, I continue to be impressed.

What impresses me? I like her comfort level with Barack Obama. They appear connected and, quite frankly, like they know each other very well and love each other. I hope that’s true. It’s good to see it in a married couple. I saw an interview with them after the election, and I just loved how Michelle gently jumped in when she felt Barack wasn’t quite making his point as well as he could. They came across as a team, a real partnership, and she didn’t come across as subservient to him, as so many wives of the powerful do.

I love how she is trying to raise her children as normally as possible. It must be an impossible situation to try to be a good mom in the midst of a media frenzy, but I think she’s up to the challenge. I think she’ll be a good role model for American moms because she has balanced work and family firsthand. She’s been a mom who works outside the home and one who doesn’t. Granted, her income level is higher than most Americans, and she has access to help in a way most working moms don’t. But I think she gets it. Deep down inside, she gets it. 

I know she got criticized during the campaign for complaining about Barack’s smelly morning breath. Some felt it was too personal. Perhaps. It didn’t bother me. I’ve been know to complain about my own husband’s morning breath. To me, it humanized her. It made her seem like one of us. And it made me think their relationship is real — not a candied version of a marriage — but a real one.

I think she’s smart, and I admire her for not hiding her intelligence as so many women do to not get labeled a know-it-all fit in.

I love that while she’s healthy and in shape, she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s got curves. Good for her!

And I like how she dresses, despite all the controversy about her red-and-black dress on Election Night. I like that she wears form-fitting clothing that’s feminine. She doesn’t try to turn herself into a man in a power suit. I like that she wears vivid colors. I think they match her bold personality, which I can’t wait to see more of.

You go girl!

bitchy mommy


Barack Obama is president-elect; let’s support him

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OK, this tense and interesting election is over. Barack Obama won.

Let’s now all move on. If you don’t like him, fine, he’ll still be our leader. If you do like him, great, he’ll still be our leader.

I think this election was notable in that it interested people in a way that few elections have in recent years. Voter turnout was up, which is great for Democracy in my mind, no matter who wins. People were engaged. That’s all good. Let’s keep it that way, and let’s stop fighting.

My hope for our country is those who don’t support Obama will give him a chance. OK, he wasn’t your choice, but he’ll be president. Our nation is in trouble. We’re in a recession. Much of the world really hates us. We’re fighting two wars. We’re deeply in debt. We’re using too much of the world’s resources. We’re running out of oil. We need to find alternative, environmentally safe fuels. Global warming is destroying our Earth. Let’s give Obama a fighting chance to heal these wounds.

Can he do it all, of course not. But he can’t do it without the support of his people.

None of us know what an Obama administration will be like. Those who support him may be disappointed, especially if they expect him to fix every problem. He can’t. No one can. Those who are against him may be surprised. He may not be what you thought. You may have been wrong about him and who you thought he is.

Give him a chance to show what he can do. His first news conference was impressive. He’s got something. Give him a chance to show us what that something is.

Why did John McCain and Sarah Palin lose?

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First, let me say, I’m thrilled that Barack Obama and Joe Biden won.

But I was troubled today when I saw a clip of Sarah Palin explaining that the loss wasn’t her fault. Her manner annoyed me. I don’t think the loss is all her fault, but I do think she played a role. And I thought the interview came across as arrogant.

Here’s my take on what happened. I really think McCain is to blame for the loss, in part because he picked Palin. McCain is a moderate Republican. Honestly, if I didn’t love the Democratic candidate, I may have been able to see myself voting for McCain — well, maybe not. But he’s really much more moderate than many Republicans.

So he picks Palin to appease the ultra-right, who thinks McCain is too moderate. But it backfires. Yes, the ultra-right likes her, but too many other Republicans don’t. And she’s so conservative that middle-of-the-road Democrats can’t stomach voting for her, even those who would love the chance — as I would — to vote for a woman.

Then there is Palin’s whole no experience thing. And add to that the fact that McCain is on the older side, so the worry that he could die in office is heightened.

Then the economy plummets and, right or wrong, much of the country blames President George W. Bush because even if it wasn’t his fault, he’s in charge. That tarnishes all Republicans in a way, and McCain, as much as he tried, can’t really distance himself from Bush.

So you end up with this situation where Palin attracts only the far right and pretty much pisses everyone else off. And the moderates of both parties who might vote for McCain are too scared — scared he might die or scared he’ll continue our economic decline.

And then Obama, who is calm and collected to McCain’s red-faced agitation, seems like a knight in shining armor, swooping in to save the day.

Now that is not to say that I think Obama won because people were afraid to elect McCain. I believe Obama has a true mandate. He secured both the popular and electoral vote. He even won kids’ elections. And he won the vote of many Republicans. I live in a small Democratic city in a sea of Republican towns. Obama won almost all the towns in my community, which is no small feat. Most of these don’t even run a Democratic candidate for town offices, ever, because there are so few Democrats who live there.

So I think McCain/Palin lost because the country wanted change, needed change and trusted Obama/Biden to bring that change. But I do think that McCain hurt his chances by picking Palin.

Then again, maybe they lost just because Palin said “maverick” so many darn times.

What do you think?

So nervous about the election I can hardly stand it

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I’m so nervous — and excited — about the elecition that I can hardly stand it.

I’m excited because I really believe Barack Obama will win, and while I believe he will be faced with a slew of problems in his first days of office, I believe he’s the better choice over John McCain.  I’m excited about Obama’s approach to governing, his belief in supporting the middle class and his foresight in realizing that early education and health care are vital to our nation. I’m also excited that the first black many may be elected president in our country. That’s a milestone to be sure.

But I’m worried. Until all the polls close and all the votes are counted and the official results are announced, I won’t be able to rest. The thought of a McPain/Palin administration scares me. I just don’t want to think about that option. Even my Republican husband came to his sense and voted fo Obama.

Nothing to do but worry and wait.

I think Barack Obama will win, but I’m worried he won’t

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As the election nears, I’m starting to feel a bit panicky. What if Obama doesn’t win?

Seriously, it makes me feel a bit anxious. I don’t think I can go through four more years with this mess the Republicans have made with our country.  I just don’t think our country can continue on in this route.

So I’m worried. I’m one of those people who believe Al Gore was robbed and that he really was the true winner in the race against George Bush. I remember feeling so down when I found out the court had ruled Bush the winner. That feeling will be worse if Obama loses.

I read the polls a lot, and Obama is still ahead, by various percentage points, depending on the poll. But I worry because I truly believe there are many racist people in our nation, and that makes me concerned that when push comes to shove, they won’t pull the lever for a black man.

I think Obama faces a tough job if elected. He needs to dig us out of economic disaster. He needs to restablize the economy. He needs to convince the world that we aren’t the imperialistic, egotistical, self-absorbed spoiled brats that many outside the United States think we are. He needs to end the war. He needs to bring the troops home.

I believe he can do it. I just worry he won’t get the chance.

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