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The ‘Great Pumpkin’ that wasn’t

Posted in Family, Ranting with tags , , , on October 18, 2008 by bloggingmom67

My poor kids. They both went to pumpkin patches for field trips this week at school. My son came home with a puny pumpkin — the biggest he could find. His sister came home with a big one, but it’s already rotting, so there’s not much hope it will last until Halloween.

So when grocery shopping at Wegmans today, I promised them we’d buy a “great pumpkin.” We found it. It was huge. I could barely pick it up high enough to put it in the shopping cart. So we finished shopping, brought it home, and as I took it out of the car, pumpkin guts squirted all over my leg. Ugh.

I realized in horror: The pumpkin looked fantastic outside, but was rotten inside. My poor kids; they were so bummed. And so was I. Plus, we wasted $6. I could have brought it back, but the hassle wasn’t worth the $6 to me.

We’ll try again in a week. Hopefully, our pumpkin karma will improve.

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