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I think I’m going to like Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Obviously, I don’t know Michelle Obama, and I never will. But from what I read and see of her in the media, I continue to be impressed.

What impresses me? I like her comfort level with Barack Obama. They appear connected and, quite frankly, like they know each other very well and love each other. I hope that’s true. It’s good to see it in a married couple. I saw an interview with them after the election, and I just loved how Michelle gently jumped in when she felt Barack wasn’t quite making his point as well as he could. They came across as a team, a real partnership, and she didn’t come across as subservient to him, as so many wives of the powerful do.

I love how she is trying to raise her children as normally as possible. It must be an impossible situation to try to be a good mom in the midst of a media frenzy, but I think she’s up to the challenge. I think she’ll be a good role model for American moms because she has balanced work and family firsthand. She’s been a mom who works outside the home and one who doesn’t. Granted, her income level is higher than most Americans, and she has access to help in a way most working moms don’t. But I think she gets it. Deep down inside, she gets it. 

I know she got criticized during the campaign for complaining about Barack’s smelly morning breath. Some felt it was too personal. Perhaps. It didn’t bother me. I’ve been know to complain about my own husband’s morning breath. To me, it humanized her. It made her seem like one of us. And it made me think their relationship is real — not a candied version of a marriage — but a real one.

I think she’s smart, and I admire her for not hiding her intelligence as so many women do to not get labeled a know-it-all fit in.

I love that while she’s healthy and in shape, she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s got curves. Good for her!

And I like how she dresses, despite all the controversy about her red-and-black dress on Election Night. I like that she wears form-fitting clothing that’s feminine. She doesn’t try to turn herself into a man in a power suit. I like that she wears vivid colors. I think they match her bold personality, which I can’t wait to see more of.

You go girl!

bitchy mommy


Sarah Palin’s missed opportunities

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I’m not a Sarah Palin fan for many reasons, including the fact that I think she lacks the experience to run for vice president and the fact that she can’t seem to answer a single question without her flaks telling her what to say.

But what really annoys me about her is she missed a great opportunity to make headway for women. She’s a working mom with five kids, including a child with a special need. She could have used the platform she has to support issues important to women — but she didn’t.

She could have used it as a platform to explain that she’s lucky. She can bring her baby to work to nurse but many women don’t have that right. She can juggle work and family because she has support from her husband and money to pay for help, but so many women are struggling because they can’t.

She could have explained that she didn’t take family leave after Trig was born because she decided not to — but that so many women can’t take the three months of unpaid leave allowed in federal law after childbirth because the can’t afford it.

She could have explained that if one of her kids is sick, she won’t get fired from her job for leaving early to check on the child. But many women would if they have jobs that don’t allow family sick days at all.

She could have asserted the need for quality early intervention for children with special needs because so much research indicates it really helps these children live a quality life. Some states do a much better job than others in this regard, so the services a special needs child gets is often a function of where he or she lives and how pushy his or her parents are.

She could have pushed for paid family leave, mandatory sick days for workers, flexible hours for workers, support for early intervention programs.

She could have done so much. But she didn’t. When women get these national platforms they need to fight for all of us. Perhaps she doesn’t believe in these things. Perhaps they aren’t a priority. Certainly, I realize she had to fit into John McCain’s agenda.

But it is such a missed opportunity.

Sarah, if you want an example of what you could have said, read this blog written by Michelle Obama. It’s spot on.

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