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I think I’m going to like Michelle Obama

Posted in 1, Family, Politics, relationships with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 26, 2008 by bloggingmom67
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Obviously, I don’t know Michelle Obama, and I never will. But from what I read and see of her in the media, I continue to be impressed.

What impresses me? I like her comfort level with Barack Obama. They appear connected and, quite frankly, like they know each other very well and love each other. I hope that’s true. It’s good to see it in a married couple. I saw an interview with them after the election, and I just loved how Michelle gently jumped in when she felt Barack wasn’t quite making his point as well as he could. They came across as a team, a real partnership, and she didn’t come across as subservient to him, as so many wives of the powerful do.

I love how she is trying to raise her children as normally as possible. It must be an impossible situation to try to be a good mom in the midst of a media frenzy, but I think she’s up to the challenge. I think she’ll be a good role model for American moms because she has balanced work and family firsthand. She’s been a mom who works outside the home and one who doesn’t. Granted, her income level is higher than most Americans, and she has access to help in a way most working moms don’t. But I think she gets it. Deep down inside, she gets it. 

I know she got criticized during the campaign for complaining about Barack’s smelly morning breath. Some felt it was too personal. Perhaps. It didn’t bother me. I’ve been know to complain about my own husband’s morning breath. To me, it humanized her. It made her seem like one of us. And it made me think their relationship is real — not a candied version of a marriage — but a real one.

I think she’s smart, and I admire her for not hiding her intelligence as so many women do to not get labeled a know-it-all fit in.

I love that while she’s healthy and in shape, she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s got curves. Good for her!

And I like how she dresses, despite all the controversy about her red-and-black dress on Election Night. I like that she wears form-fitting clothing that’s feminine. She doesn’t try to turn herself into a man in a power suit. I like that she wears vivid colors. I think they match her bold personality, which I can’t wait to see more of.

You go girl!

bitchy mommy


Ten things that drive bitchy mommy crazy

Posted in 1, Family, Ranting with tags , , , , , on October 30, 2008 by bloggingmom67

Sorry, folks, I’m in a particularly bitchy mood. So I’ll take a break from my political ranting to just rant in general.

I just returned from a PTO meeting, checked my e-mail and am taking a quick computer break before I launch into laundry. To relieve my angst, I’m listing 10 things that drive me crazy — or at least 10 things that drive me crazy at this moment. (In total, there’s really more than 10 things that drive me crazy.)

  1. People who like to “assign” you tasks or suggest things but never offer to do any of them.
  2. People who don’t know how to merge in traffic, so they stop dead mid-lane, clogging everyone and nearly causing a crash.
  3. People who pretend they are helping you when they really “have their own agenda.”
  4. People who think they know what you’re saying without even listening to you.
  5. People who tell you how you should feel or think or what should bother you. (Guess what, folks, I don’t need your permission to be peeved or hurt or embarrassed.)
  6. When the kids continually hide as I’m trying to get them to bed. (It’s funny once, twice, OK, maybe three times. But by the fifth time, I’m sorry, you’re driving me nuts!)
  7. Disorganized people who don’t realize they are disorganized. (Perhaps they believe the whole world runs in a chaotic frenzy.)
  8. People who make their incompetence your emergency.
  9. People who cut in front of you in line or cut you off in traffic.
  10. Mean people who never admit they are wrong.

Ahh. I feel much better now.

The ‘Great Pumpkin’ that wasn’t

Posted in Family, Ranting with tags , , , on October 18, 2008 by bloggingmom67

My poor kids. They both went to pumpkin patches for field trips this week at school. My son came home with a puny pumpkin — the biggest he could find. His sister came home with a big one, but it’s already rotting, so there’s not much hope it will last until Halloween.

So when grocery shopping at Wegmans today, I promised them we’d buy a “great pumpkin.” We found it. It was huge. I could barely pick it up high enough to put it in the shopping cart. So we finished shopping, brought it home, and as I took it out of the car, pumpkin guts squirted all over my leg. Ugh.

I realized in horror: The pumpkin looked fantastic outside, but was rotten inside. My poor kids; they were so bummed. And so was I. Plus, we wasted $6. I could have brought it back, but the hassle wasn’t worth the $6 to me.

We’ll try again in a week. Hopefully, our pumpkin karma will improve.

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